It’s just a jump to the left….

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As cult movies go, there’s one that out does them all for obsessive fans, and that’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Cross dressing cinema-goers aside, this film is a brilliant pastiche of the classic horror film, set to music just to throw you off!  The brain child of Richard “Crystal Maze” O’Brien, Rocky Horror takes the classic set up of virginal sweethearts caught in a sea of debauchery, mixed in with a unique take on the Frankenstein story and comes out with something which totally deserves its cult status.

The transformation of our two leads (check out Susan Sarandon in the pictures) is classic Gothic imagery of the corruption of innocence leading to evil, which O’Brien exaggerates to the point of the ridiculous, making it very difficult to take other horror movies seriously (Psycho for instance, is a classic good-girl-gone-bad).


The music is great;  most of you will know Time Warp, even if you never knew where it came from, and with performances from O’Brien, Meatloaf and the utterly amazing Tim Curry, this film can’t put a foot wrong.  What I particularly like is the design, with costumes that have to be seen to be believed, and which went on to form the basis of the movies cult status.

Magenta and Columbia

Tim curry owns this movie.  As multisexual transvestite Frank N Furter he gives it his all, which, when you’re wearing nothing but a corset and fishnets, I guess you don’t have much choice about!Furter

This is definitely a film everyone should see.  I wanted to watch it again immediately as it finished.  Not only is it fun, but there’s a lot that’s clever about it.  The way in which O’Brien gives little nods to horror standards (such as Susan Sarandon’s soliloquy) is spot on, but perhaps the most effective are the lyrics to some of the songs, which at times are a lot more meaningful than the light-hearted tone of this movie would have you expect.

“And crawling, on the planets face, some insects, called the Human Race.  Lost in time,  lost in space, and meaning.”

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One of my most favorite movies, Tim Curry is just fantastic as Frank. I am one of those obsessive fans for this one, I cant deny it.

So am I. 😉

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