And The Oscar Goes To:

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It’s afternoon, my bad. Got distracted helping a friend with an election campaign and then I was being a spare pair of hands for someone else, maybe I shuld say no more….

Here’s the winners from last night, I didn’t actually do too bad with my predictionsOscar

Best Picture: Slumdog Millionaire

Well guessing this right wasn’t exactly hard.  Brilliant to have a British film top the Oscars. 🙂

Best Director: Danny Boyle

I changed my prediction, stupidly. But after the BAFTAs it was clear Boyle had it.

Best Actor: Sean Penn

Didn’t predict this one but Milk is turning out to be a must see.  Penn’s second statue after Mystic River in ’03, somehow it always seemed unlikely the Academy would follow BAFTA and give it to Rourke.

Best Actress: Kate Winslet

Fantastic news that Kate finally gets her Oscar. Another hit for the Brits.

Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger

This one was never in doubt. The second actor to win a posthumous Oscar after Peter Finch in ’77. I still maintain he should have had one for Brokeback Mountain.

Best Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz

Mirroring the BAFTAs, I hadn’t heard much about Vicky Cristina Barcelona when the nominations came in but the buzz is growing.

Best Original Screenplay: Milk

I had it as Wall-E, many others had it down as In Bruges, but that’s the Oscars for you!

Best Adapted Screenplay: Slumdog Millionaire


Best Animated Feature: Wall-E

Right again 😉

Cinematography: Slumdog Millionaire

Beating Benjamin, yet again.

Visual Effects: Benjamin Button

Well, Slumdog couldn’t take them all.

Original Score and Orignal Song: Slumdog Millionaire

I was wrong it got both.

So there you are, Slumdog got 8 in the end to add to its 7 BAFTAs, while poor Benjamin only came away with 3.  So no one has yet beaten the joint record of Lord of the Rings, Titanic and Ben Hur for 11 in one night.  No huge shocks, I haven’t yet seen the footage to see if Kate cried, but I’m guessing she did.  A great year for British cinema.

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Tonight’s the Night!

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Yep, tonight we find out the answer to that all important question: Who are you wearing?

But besides that, there’s also a little award ceremony.  Once again I’ve managed to put myself away from a computer at the critical moment, but I’ll get the winners list up ASAP.  If not tonight then tomorrow morning.

In true British style, we’re already coming up with excuses for why we haven’t won; the favourite being the Academy always favour their own, but after 6 nominations I think this is finally Kate’s year.

Benjamin Button has equalled the record of Lord of the Rings and Chicago for 13 nominations, but I don’t think it’ll beat LOTR‘s 11 award record with competition like Slumdog Millionairre.

I guess we’ll find out tonight….

*Of course, most of it doesn’t get going stateside until I intend to be fast asleep…so tomorrow morning more likely.*

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And the BAFTA goes to…

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As promised, I’m back with a full list of the winners (‘cos who needs to write their dissertation presentation?)

I’m always going to miss Stephen Fry as host, but Jonathon Ross did a decent job, and kept Stephen’s game of getting a random word into the show via a twitter vote.  Unfortunately I missed that bit when I was travelling but I’ll try and find it later.  Just goes to show that twitter really is taking over the world…

The BAFTAs are a pretty good indicator of who’ll be taking home the Oscars, and I think some of my earlier predictions are a bit off now that I think about it.  Here’s last night’s results:

Best Film: Slumdog Millionaire

No surprises there, it’ll get the Oscar too. (Somebody take me to the cinema so I can back this claim up having actually seen it!)

Best Actor: Mickey Rourke

As I said last night, this one shocked me, but I’m hearing nothing but good things about The Wrestler.  He is nominated for the Oscar but I still don’t quite see him winning it.  Something’s telling me Brad Pitt will get it, but Rourke’s in with a chance…

Best Actress: Kate Winslet

Well this one was obvious wasn’t it?  You can’t not win when you’re nominated twice.  Incidentally, she got it for The Reader rather than Revolutionary Road which I have on good authority is the most boring film ever.

Best Director: Danny Boyle

Continuing Slumdog’s sweep.  He’s a dead cert for the Oscar I reckon

Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger

Of course.

Best Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz

Vicky Cristina Barcelona has only just come to my attention but I’m intrigued.

Best Music: AR Rahman-Slumdog Millionaire

In the little clips we got from the Noms, this was the only one that caught my attention.  Might change my mind on my Oscar prediction based on that.

Cinematography: Anthony Dod Mantle-Slumdog Millionaire

That sweep just keeps going…

Best Adapted Screenplay: Simon Beaufoy-Slumdog Millionaire

And going…

Best Original Screenplay: Martin McDonagh-In Bruges

I really wanted to see this despite bad reviews, now I want to see it more!

Best Animated Feature: Wall-E

Had to be didn’t it?

Visual Effects: Eric Barba, Craig Barron, Nathan McGuinness, Edson Williams-Benjamin Button

Again, it’s hard ot argue with that one.  I completely take back my stupid prediction for the Oscars (I really wasn’t paying attention) Button is way ahead of the pack.

Academy Fellowship: Terry Gilliam

I wasn’t expecting this, but as soon as you watch that reel of all his movies you know he deserves it.

That’s not quite all of them, but it’s the biggies.  Slumdog finished with 7 masks, and we can expect a repeat performance at the Oscars.  I don’t think there’ll be much difference in the winner’s either, but I may well be eating those words in a couple of weeks.  In the interests of fairness, I wont go and change my predictions from a couple of weeks ago, but the BAFTAs have changed my mind on a couple of them.

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A Quick BAFTA Post…

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I’m coming back to this tomorrow morning, but in case you were wondering:

Slumdog Millionaire took best film, with Kate Winslet winning Best Actress and Mickey Rourke a surprise win (at least to me) for Best Actor.

Full list tomorrow, unfortunately I missed half the show travelling back to London but that’s the big three. Annoyed I missed Best Director, but Slumdog also got Best music and the Fellowship went to Python Legend Terry Gilliam.

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