When ranting on the internet pays off…

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Yesterday I had a bit of a rant. Part of that rant was aimed at Mark Kermode’s recent comments on Radio 5 Live about Pirates 4.

Today I got an email from the BBC. And then a phone call. And now I’m going to Manchester on Friday to the Kermode and Mayo 10 year anniversary broadcast, where, with the help of the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, they will be talking through some of the most famous movie scores of all time.

How the hell did that one happen?

Pure luck from the fact that Kermode’s name was on my blog I reckon, but who am I to turn down a chance to hear the Phil play live? Unfortunately due to some ridiculous train scheduling by Virgin, I have to miss the formal evening concert, but being in the audience for the live broadcast should be a lot of fun.

And for those who are wondering, if I get the chance, I will repeat to his face what I thought of Kermode’s take on Jack Sparrow. (Perhaps in slightly nicer words)

I’ll hopefully be writing up the trip before the end of the weekend. Until then you can read what I’ve had to say in previous posts about movie music.

For my Top 5 Movie Scores

And some general ramblings about Genius Composers

If anyone else has had a similar invite let me know and I’ll look out for you!

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11 Responses to “When ranting on the internet pays off…”

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Bloody Hell!! Excuse my French.

AMazing, give him Hell Katie!! I am very very jealous! Sometimes blogging just so happens to pay off!

Have fun

ha ha Custard thanks. I’m sure they emailed hundreds of bloggers but it did make me feel quite special 🙂 It’s an expensive trip but I think it’ll be worth it to hear those scores played live.
You’ll hear all about it as soon as I can get the post written

Cool! I look forward to reading it when it is done.

(still fuming with jealousy)


That is brilliant! I hope you enjoy your trip!

Thanks guys 🙂

ps Custard, that was comment number 1000! I feel you should get a prize 😛

That’s freaking awesome Katie! Congratulations 🙂

Ooh A prize? What is it? come on, don’t make me wait….


I think it’ll have to be the knowledge that you are special….since I have nothing else to offer 😛

Just heard you on the pod cast, congratulations on your new found fame. I’m sorry to say I can’t agree with you, although I don’t completely agree with Mark KermodeI am leaning towards his idea. Firstly let me put things in perspective by saying I love Pirates, hated parts two and three and found the recent fourth instalment surprisingly good fun. I see Captain Jack as a Clouseau type character who does everything wrong and gets away with it in the end by luck not judgment.

Thanks Andy. I really think there’s a lot more to Jack than meets the eye, but maybe I’m alone on that one. It’s that dishonesty speech at the end of one that did it for me, he’s not just getting lucky by accident, there’s a lot of method in his madness

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