My Cinematic Alphabet

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It’s meme time again folks! I caught this over at Ruth’s and firgured seeing as I haven’t posted much in a while I’d give it a whirl.

One favourite movie for each letter of the alphabet. Simples.

A is for Armageddon

B is for Benny and Joon

C is for Casino Royale

Because it converted me on Bond.

D is for Die Hard

E is for Edward Scissorhands

F is for Forrest Gump

G is for Ghostbusters

H is for Happy Feet

I is for Indiana Jones

J is for Jurassic Park

K is for Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

L is for Lord of the Rings

M is for The Matrix

N is for Notting Hill

O is for O Brother, Where Art Thou?

P is for Pirates of the Caribbean

Q is for….um…I’ll get back to you on that one

R is for Romeo and Juliet

S is for Star Wars

T is for Toy Story

U is for The Untouchables

“That’s the Chicago way!”

V is for V for Vendetta

W is for Withnail & I

X is for X Men

Y is for Young Frankenstein

I’m cheating massively with this one as the only scene I’ve seen is the one pictured. But based on that alone, I know this film is brilliant.

Z is for Zoolander

Blue Steel.

Mostly this is the first film that came into my head beginning with that letter. But some letters were harder than others.

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11 Responses to “My Cinematic Alphabet”

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Wahoo!! Looks like we have quite a few in agreement here. Oh my, how could I forget LOTR!! I already had L.A. Confidential in mind but I could easily swap it w/ the epic trilogy.

Oh I LOVE that photo of Harrison as Indy… sooo darn masculine. If they ever reboot that series [what am I talking about, OF COURSE they’re gonna do it], he’d be a huge shoes to fill!

How cCOULD you forget LOTR?!

I really hope they don’t reboot Indy. It’s a classic. I think Crystal Skull proved that they should just leave it alone.

Quiz Show for Q? I actually have never seen it, but I hear its great.

Never even heard of it!

Cool idea. But with all the amazing A movies out there…. you chose Armageddon!?

I was actually struggling with A movies…and I like Aramgeddon! What would you suggest?

“Young Frankenstein” followed by “Zoolander” … genius, sheer genius.

Well, some that spring to mind for A for me are Apocalypse Now, Apollo 13, Alien, American Graffiti, African Queen, All the President’s Men

Meredith: Glad you approve šŸ™‚

Ian: Apocalypse Now is good, but given a straight choice I’d pick Armageddon. I did agonise over Apollo 13 but it lost in the end. I basically picked movies that I would always be in the mood to watch.


Someone else that has used Young Frankenstein!

I loved that as a child…

‘There wolf!’



I need to see the rest of that film, it’s wrong that I’ve only seen parts.

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