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It’s a big year for comic book geeks.  Marvel are gearing up for the big finale with the release of Thor and Captain America ready for The Avengers in 2012.  Meanwhile, DC have got to find a way to follow up on The Dark Knight and convince me that Ryan Reynolds can get away with defecting to play The Green Lantern.

To celebrate the exciting times ahead, and as a mini celebration of my blog’s second birthday, I think a meme is in order.  If I have your email address you’ve probably had a message, if you’re feeling ignored then show me what I’m missing by getting involved!

You’ve probably all seen these videos, sending up the MAC/PC adverts with a debate about who is making better movies.  I propose we see how many comic book geeks and movie nerds we can get to join the debate to find out who really is the better franchise once and for all.


  1. Title your post either I’m a Marvel or I’m a DC
  2. Give up to 5 reasons why, roughly styled in the opposition format (to get what I mean read mine below)
  3. Tag as many other bloggers as you can and let the arguments begin!

If you’re going to play along let me know, I’ll link all the posts on the blog and tally up the results to see who the bloggers (the people whose opinions matter most of course ;)) think is the ultimate comic book universe.

Right then, my turn.

I’m a Marvel. (I know, you’re all shocked aren’t you?)

Marvel characters manage to look cool in Lycra.  Or style themselves in big shiny metal suits.. DC characters wear their pants on the outside.

Marvel have an almost infinite universe of cool characters.  The whole world of the X Men could keep me happy for a lifetime without opening up the Avengers.  DC basically have Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman The Flash and Green Lantern, who don’t really compare.

Marvel specialises in the flawed hero; Wolverine, Iron Man, even Spiderman has an EMO phase.  DC, with the exception of Batman, is a collection of goody goodies, and Bruce Wayne doesn’t really hold a candle to Tony Stark in the playboy-off.

When it comes to movies, DC aren’t even in the same league.  Marvel has at least 8 franchises out there, the majority of which include some pretty wicked films (even tha bad ones have redeeming features).  DC has Superman and Batman, both of which have their weak points (Superman Returns…ouch) and is only just starting to think about digging into the rest of that pile of comics in the corner.

And finally…Marvel have Wolverine. DC have Aquaman.

I rest my case.

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31 Responses to “I’m a Marvel”

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The Dark Knight may feature a DC character, but it’s a Nolan film, not a DC film…discuss.

Don’t change the game! I haven’t really seen enough Batman films to make a proper argument…

That’s a bit of an under-representation of the DC Universe.

For me, DC – purely because I’m such a Bat fan. I can think of no hero cooler than (post-crisis) Batman. Wolverine comes close. Hence the ultimate hero:


And speaking of changing the game: Goku vs Superman!


me? change the facts to suit my argument? never! 😉

I know DC has a lot more charaters than I might have you believe but I still don’t think they hold a candle to the MArvel universe. As for Batman, he is the only character who has ever been a bit interesting to me, but I’ve never really got into him in a big way. I was always kinda disappointed with him and I’m not even sure why. I always ended up rooting for the villains in batman comics.
Also, if you are a billionairre who can have anythign you want, why would THAT be the best superhero costume you can come up with. Sad.

Dark Claw is cool but I would rather have Wolverine.
And don’t start bringing Dragon Ball into this that just complicates things. (Although as Superman is super-lame we all know who would win)

The Batsuit is pure awesome and you know it.

P.s. http://www.floatinghandsstudios.com/comicparodies.html Wasn’t sure if you’d seen these but I was watching ’em in fits of giggles and instantly thought of you. Considering they’re Marvel parodies, you might get the references more than I.

It just isn’t. End of.

Looks like I’ve just found a new way to procrastinate. Thanks 😛

I’m still not convinced this X-Men:First Class movie is actually coming out…I havent seen 1 movie still from it.

Im more of a DC guy, however Thor looks fricking awesome.

Oh it is happeneing, for better or worse, they’ve jsut cast James MacAvoy as young Charles.
If you’re a DC guy Dan, write your own post! See if you can change my mind.

Don’t pretend you’ll listen to reason. Fangirls never do…

The fun is in trying to make me 😉

Yeah, DC has a lot of lame heroes, no doubt. But they have the ‘big two”. However, Marvel has some iffy choices on the way, including X-Men First Class, Joss Whedon as the director of the Avengers, and an unnecessary reboot of Spider-man.

That’s exactly my point though, I have no interest in Superman and apart form Dark Knight very little interest in Batman. And I did try, I just never got much from the characters.

I’ll agree with two out of your three other points. First Class does bug me, and I really don’t want them to reboot spidey, But I think Joss Whedon will do a great job with Avengers.

Can’t I be both ? LOL !!!

Afraid not. You have to choose a side. 😛

I must warn you… I really liked “Superman Returns”. Please, Don’t JUDGE !!! Ha-ha 🙂

Judged. So very judged.
Do me a post Daniel, I’m sure you’d have some great reasons. I’ll even let you try and convince me that giant Turkey was OK.

Superman Returns was terrible. But since the post 1997 Batman and Robin days, DC swings for the fences. They miss big (Superman Returns) but hit even bigger (Nolan Batman movies). I repsect DC for that. Marvel just continues to pump out mediocrity year after year after year. X2: United they came close to greatness.

Although in the next couple years we’ll know who the true champ is with all the avenger movies and Green Lantern/Dark Knight Rises/New Superman.

The Battle rages on

Ooh I’m not sure I can let you get away with saying Marvel pump out mediocrity. The Nolan Batman films (of which I’ve only seen one) are good, but I don’t think they’re any better than the Marvel films. In fact when I watched the Dark Knight again after the hype had died down I found that maybe I didn’t like it as much as I though I did, whereas wathcing Iron Man the second time had the exact opposite effect (i Have the blog posts to prove it!)

Maybe if the first Iron Man had actual villains instead of a lame transformer at the end, they would be a little closer. The Avengers better have a great villain….

Ooh criticism for Iron Man 1…contraversial! I’m used to people bashing the sequel…
I always thought that scene at the end of 1 showed how cool transformers could have been if it hadn’t sucked so badly.

Marvel has Iron Man, Spider-Man, X-Men, Daredevil, Wolverine, the Hulk, Ghost Rider, Elektra, Blade, Thor, Captain America…

DC has Batman.

DC wins.

Nah, I see where you’re coming from – Marvel’s heroes are far more relatable, but I think that DC has far stronger mythical archetypes. Superman is the living embodiment of the American immigrant experience. Batman is the spirit of wraith. The Flash is a spiritual successor of Mercury. The DC stable resembles the Greek pantheon, with all these different iconic characters representing something fantastic.

I think that’s the distinction. Those who like their heroes to be human and relatable will go with Marvel, while those who prefer their characters as archetypes trapped within a modern mythology will go with DC.

That’s such a good point, I hadn’t thought of it. I guess I prefer my heroes more grounded in reality. I definitely prefer the ones who actually have the capacity to get hurt rather than the man of steel Superman types. Same problem I had with Captain Scarlett when I was little: if he’s indestructable tehn why should I care what happens to him?

Thanks for the comment. Although I’m never going to agree that Batman means DC win.

Great point by darren above, written with far bigger words than i would have used. I guess its each to their own, although batman defo my fave superhero. Mainly because as a buddy of mine likes to point out. ‘hes not a superhero, hes just brave’. Its a dumb but good point. He also has best villains. Seriously, name an iron man villain. I think x men first class and spiderman reboot will both be good, it seems like theyre in good hands with good actors. Thor looks a bit of a mess. Not sure ill even bother with green lantern

I must be alone in the not being in love with Batman camp. (Not being a superhero but just being brave also applies to Iron Man, and Daredevil to an extent)
I might give you the point on villains, because I always prefer Batman villains to actual Batman, but that’s not the way it’s suposed to be is it? Iron Man may not have particularly iconic villains but Spiderman sure does. And Marvel villains have some of the best villain names ever: Dr Victor Von Doom, Obadiah Stane, Otto Ottavius…how could these guys be anything but evil?

I’m avoiding the reboot becaue the very concept upsets me. I jsut don’t get why it’s happening. I think Thor looks like a better movie than First Class, but I guess we’ll see.
And I can’t say I’m desperately excited about Green Lantern either. But then he’s DC 😉

Alright, I respect your status as a Marvel, but bringing up Spidey’s emo phase ain’t exactly helping your argument. All the same, you do have a pretty kickass roster. Man, what a tough fight…

Hey Aiden, Sorry for some reason your comments were being held prisoner in my Spam but I’ve let them all out now!

I know that there’s a lot of emo spidey haters out there, but the point I was makign that even Spiderman has a dark side. You can’t say that about Superman.
Looking forward to your post 🙂

My contribution is finally done for what its worth.

What Superhero is next to get made

The Avengers is next on the horixzon, and the Spiderman reboot, but as far as brand new comic book adaptations are concerned I haven’t heard anything. I think we’ve covered most of the big ones, except DC’s Flash. I can’t really think of any other great characters who haven’t at least had some kind of film made….

You realize that most of Marvel’s movies aren’t actually made by Marvel right? Marvel sold some of their movie rights to other studios. X-men, Daredevil, and The Fantastic Four weren’t actually made by Marvel studios.

It seems that your basing everything you know from the movies and public perceptions of the characters rather than actually learning about their history and looking deeper into the characters’ mythos.

DC has things outside of movies you know. Their Animated movies and shows alone outclass Marvel’s animation department.

And you pretty much Implied that Aquaman is inferior to Wolverine when in fact anybody who thinks that he’s “Lame” or Useless” doesn’t know anything about him (Which I assume is your opinion of him).

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