Quote of the *Hobbit* Day

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Today is the 22nd September, which anyone as tragic as me will know is officially Hobbit Day owing to the fact that it’s the joint birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins.

I couldn’t let this one go by without a quote.

“My dear Frodo, Hobbits really are amazing creatures. You can learn all there is to know about their ways in a month, and yet, after a hundred years they can still surprise you.”

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The Curse of The Hobbit

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No, that’s not the title of some freaky horror spin off.  I’m referring to the doomed production of one of the most eagerly (and fearfully) anticipated prequels of recent years.

A while ago I wrote about the issues they’ve been having with finding a director after Guillermo Del Toro quit, but it seems the bad luck is far from over.  The pre-production period of this film is already starting to span years, but over the weekend the team have suffered a major setback when the New Zealand set burned down.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there are rumours that this was no accident, but may have been an arson attack by disgruntled actors’ unions who are quarrelling with the studios over low pay.

There is so much riding on this film, it seems that someone out there just doesn’t want it to get made.  Let’s hope the bad luck is over and we can finally get the brilliant movie all us Tolkienites are hoping for.

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If this actually happens, someone will pay.

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This appeared in my browser today and made me feel very ill .  I don’t even have words for how unbelievably horrifying it would be if the so called “Jedward” did turn up in The Hobbit. It’s…just…wrong. On every level.

We already know for a fact that they’re talentless attention seeking morons so the chancess of suddenly uncovering an acting ability is very slim.Somewhere a studio hack has thought; “We’re struggling to fund this film. These puppets seem to be making a lot of money for Simon Cowell. Maybe I can cash in too.”  Hopefully someone with creative control will step in and go, “Yeah, but they suck.” before it’s too late.  Let’s hope it’s just a publicity stunt to drum up some of the dwindling interest.

I know one thing. If they do get in there’ll be a big long queue of already disgruntled Tolkienites marching on Paramount towers. And I’ll probably be joining leading them.

*Disclaimer: usually there would be a photo on this post but I couldn’t bear to have them defacing my blog.*

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