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The other reason I love going it the cinema, besides the ear shattering volume and giant pictures, is the trailers. On the front of X Men we had a few worth paying attention two.

The first was a trailer which looked like it was going to be for something really cool. It’s actually the second time I’ve seen this one on a big screen and it still suckered me in with its 196o’s space race preamble. I started wondering what this new cool movie with Steven Spielberg’s name on it could be.

Turns out it was Transformers 3. So that sucks.

The next trailer which caught my eye was for Green Lantern. Now, I still haven’t forgiven Ryan Reynolds for defecting to the bad side. Especially when going from Deadpool to Lantern is a massive move down in the world.  I can’t decide where I stand on this film. Bits of it look cool, bits of it look incredibly camp (not usually a problem, but I’m not sure this film knows whether it’s taking itself seriously or not).  Reynolds has the potential to be really annoying too.  Jury’s out on this one, I probably wont see it in the cinema but I might catch it on DVD.  I’m still more excited about the upcoming Deadpool movie.

The final trailer I want to talk about just looked fricking awesome.  I’ve been hearing good things about Super 8 recently but somehow it’s managed to stay under my radar. Not much to say other than this looks wicked.


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