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A few weeks ago I got a very nice email from Nicole at TV Dinner and a Movie saying all kinds of untrue things about my writing and asking if I’d like to write a guest post for the site she runs with a friend.  If I’m honest I’ve been a little devoid of inspiration lately, so this was just the kick I needed to get me flexing my fingers (and has actually inspired one or two follow up posts, watch this space)

After a bit of discussion and brain racking, we ended up with a post to fit the Back to School season: a movie about a kid skipping school.

You can find my generally incoherent ramblings HERE.  Check out the rest of the site while you’re at it.

(And if you want to send me nice emails with lies about my spelling and grammar you can find my email address over in that mess on the right somewhere)

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Guest Blog: Inception, the World Premiere, by Josh

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As promised, here are Josh’s thoughts on Christopher Nolan’s new blockbuster Inception, enjoyed in star-studded company at the Leicester Square Odeon.

Firstly, let me apologise to Katie for somehow wangling myself a ticket to the Inception premiere. It wasn’t my fault, honest…but I’m so glad I managed it! If I’d been to more world premieres and afterparties, I might be able to draw some correlation between the quality of a film and the party afterwards, but unfortunately my experience is limited to just Inception. That said, the party inside the old Battersea power station was rather good – but not quite as
good, perhaps, as the film itself.

Whenever I find myself thinking of the Dark Knight, I hear a deep bass rumbling in my head, a lingering memory of a soundtrack that perfectly matches a dark and brooding film. The opening notes of Inception, too, are dark and brooding, although the images it brought to mind of Nolan’s Batman films were soon gone.

The film opens rather brilliantly, but about fifteen minutes in, there’s a half hour as di Caprio assembles his new team that seemed to drag on just a little too long. Although it doesn’t by any stretch of the imagination ruin the film, some of the ways in which Nolan provides us with the back-story is a little too forced, and you can quite easily tell that certain bits of information will become key to the plot. By actively trying to get us to buy in to the dream-sharing, I feel Nolan risks breaking the suspension of disbelief we already have.

That said, after the first thirty-forty minutes, the film really starts to take off, and the plot becomes so intriguingly entangled. It’s a film I already need to see again to try and make sense of it all – not in the ‘I couldn’t understand what was going on’ way, but the ‘I need to figure out what the relevance of that bit was’ way.

The action itself – the upside-down fighting in particular – is intense. It may have just been the Leicester Square Odeon doing it for me, but my palms were sweating through the fight scenes, and a lot of the other tense moments that Nolan masterfully builds up throughout the film. He also has the sense to gives us a couple of more lighthearted moments that gave the entire cinema a chance to regain its breath and let our hearts rest from pounding so hard.

It’s a shame that Michael Caine doesn’t feature more – and that his character isn’t really explored. Although the rest of the actors perform for the most part superbly (particularly from some of the less well-known actors), I do feel Caine’s experience is a little lacking in some scenes. Ellen Paige, in particular, let me down somewhat.

I want to say so much more about this film – but I don’t want to even hint at some of the surprises in store for you. You do have to go and see it, and ignore my criticisms above, because I had to really think about the film to realise I had any criticisms at all. It is on a level far above Nolan’s Batman films; sitting in it, I couldn’t really believe Inception of all films is the work of the same writer/director.

Go and see it – it’s out on general release today – and look forward to that hour after you leave the cinema where you’re walking around, mouth on the floor, unable to comprehend what a brilliant film you’ve just seen.

Thanks Josh! Inception is out today, and by the sounds of it we should all be heading to the cinema this weekend.

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