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One of the problems with the way I’ve structured this blog is it’s a bit black and white. There are films out there which fit in the grey area between genius and disaster.
So, here’s a list of good bad films, they’re not exactly brilliant, but they’re good in their own rubbish LXGway. They’re the inbetweeners that don’t fit on the must-see list but don’t belong on the steer-clear list either.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It’s not exactly a great film; the plot is thin and the adaptations from the novels are just plain wrong, but I still love it to bits. It’s harmless fun, it makes me laugh and on a dull night in it definitely passes the time.

Die Hard 2.  Yes we all know it’s nowhere near as good as the original, or even the third, but its John McClane running around shooting things and saying Yipee Ki-Ay. It’s all I need.

Bruce Almighty. I know that its wrong to love Jim Carrey but I can’t help it.  This film borders on preachy but just gets round it, and it really does make me laugh.  We’re all alllowThe Matrixed some guilty pleasures…

Home Alone.  I know. But hear me out.  It’s Christmas and that brilliant John Williams score starts up…it just works.

The two Matrix Sequels.  Compared to the original they aren’t fit to call themselves The Matrix, but if you let that go, there’s some awesome fight choreography which make it worthwile as long as you don’t try and understand the plot.  The multicar pile up in Reloaded is the best I’ve ever seen, I’d watch it just for that.The Lost Boys

Fantastic Four.  Defintely the weakest of the Marvel adaptations, the characters just aren’t as interesting, but it’s still a fun watch.  I’m never going to quite buy Ioan Gruffudd as an action hero, but the film doesn’t take itself seriously enough for it to matter.

The Lost Boys.  Possible the most 80s film ever made.  The special effects are “special” for all the wrong reasons and the vampire plot was tired even then, but somehow it still manages to be brilliant.  Maybe it’s Keifer Sutherland with peroxide hair that does it…

So, they’re not exactly run out and see them now recommendations, but don’t turn them down.  Give ’em a go.  Don’t expect Oscar winners, just slightly fluffy but fun film making.

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*groan* I know, terrible title, but it’s Sunday.

As part of a weekly ritual with two good friends, I watched Iron Man last night.  The latest offering in the Marvel comic-to-film cascade, its a pretty good film with some funny lines and a good plot, even if the Science behind that electromagnet is fatally flawed.  Robert Downey Jr is great in the role, as sort of anti-hero come vigilante activist and Gwenyth Paltrow is also good.  I’m always disappointed that she comes across as much nicer in films than she is in real life.

The special effects are also great, especially the aerial scenes, making me slightly re-think my Oscar prediction.  It dawned on me last night that Iron Man is basically Marvel’s version of the DC Batman, making it all the more interesting that they’re up against eachother.iron-man-downey-jr2

Although Iron Man is great, you’ll notice I’m not putting it in the films to see before you die category, mainly because I’m not going to force you to watch it as soon as I find out you haven’t.  But I will strongly recommend it.  I’m also really looking forward to The Avengers.  With Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury it’s got to be good, but unfortunately there’s a bit of a long wait.

When compared with the other Marvel films out there, Iron Man doesn’t quite come top but its close.  I’d argue that the X-Men films (if we give some lee-way to the dodgier third installment) are the best, closely followed by Spiderman.  After that, I think I’d put Iron Man on and equal footing with the Fantastic Four, if not slightly above.  Bottom of the pile is Daredevil, a film which had the potential (and the casting) to be brilliant but somehow just didn’t make it.  It’s about half an hour too short for anything to develop properly, which is disappointing since Daredevil is one of Stan Lee’s best creations.

I think the Marvel comic films are some of the best blockbusters out there, and defintiely what you need on a dreary night.  I’m yet to see them all (Blade for example has passed me by) but I reckon they’re holding a pretty good standard so far, which in the sea of different directors, is a testemant to Lee’s characters.

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