Underrated Actors Part 3: Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt is one of the most famous people on the planet. But when you think of him what comes to mind first? Is it “great actor” or is it “pretty guy who married Lara Croft and now collects children and bad facial hair?”

That’s the problem with being one of the most famous people on the planet. People get too involved in what Heat magazine says about your choice of flip-flops and forget why you became famous in the first place.

In the last week I have accidentally ended up watching two very different Pitt films; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Snatch.  At risk of recrimination, I have to admit I didn’t really care for Benjamin. I admired the idea and the work that went into it, but couldn’t help thinking it dragged at times.  Having said that, Pitt does some great work, capturing the quirks of each age and somehow balancing a feeling of both naivety and wisdom.

Snatch on the other hand is all about that accent. Where did that even come from? Like Benjamin, Pitt can’t rely on his looks for this film, as they’ve done their best to make him look as greasy as possible, and he manages to add some depth to what could be a very two-dimensional character with a silly voice.

The film that really made me release that Brad is more than just a pretty face though was Twelve Monkeys. The twitchy energy he has  is similar to what’s going on with Mickey, but on a much higher level. It’s an incredibly unhinged performance, which steals the show right out from under Bruce Willis and somehow gets you to sympathise with, and  at times even feel sorry for, a maniacal lunatic bent on ending the world.  The role was rightly nominated for an Oscar but was unfortunately up against Kevin Spacey’s Keyser Soze, and another loss to Sean Penn in ’09 means there’s still no little gold man to add to the Jolie-Pitt’s growing  collection of miniatures.

Ocean’s 11 showed us that Pitt has great comic timing, while Fight Club….well Fight Club is just awesome all round.  Even movie-with-the-worst-ending-ever-on-screen Meet Joe Black has some fine work in, before it gets ridiculous.

There’s a lot of Brad Pitt films I haven’t seen (I’m waiting for someone to tell me I missed out Se7en) because I’m not one of those people who will go and see a film just because he’s in it.  When I do catch one of his movies though, I’m always surprised at how strong an actor he actually is.  Looking through his filmography on imdb, you can see he’s tried to avoid stereotypical “hero” roles (much like Johnny Depp) to avoid being typecast, suggesting brains behind the blonde.  Let’s hope he keeps picking good roles in future, and then maybe one day he will get the Oscar he should have won 15 years ago

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“He’s just as brilliant as you are. And infinitely more devious.”

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Before I get too caught up with writing about the BAFTAs tonight I tought I’d do a quick post about a debate I ended up having today so that you can all join in.

As I’ve mentioned, the new Sherlock Holmes franchise already has sequels in the pipeline and rumours are flying in all directions about who is going to play Holmes’ arch-nemesis Moriarty.  Definitely the most prominent suggestion so far is Brad Pitt, who allegedly provided the voice for the anonymous character we have seen so far.

My question to you is this: who would you cast?

The difficulty is that with the new look Holmes we need someone who can fit in with this new action man detective, yet still pull off a believable evil genius that can go up against Downey Jr

After much arguing today, and rattling through actors ranging from Jeremy Irons to Johnny Depp, we eventually came to a split decision. Either Christian Bale or Stuart Townsend.

I could live with Brad Pitt doing it. I am pretty confident he eventually will since the producers are denying it so strenuously.  He’s always a better actor than I expect, and I’m sure he’ll find himself both a believable British accent and some Victorian charm, but I think in a perfect world Moriarty should go to a Brit.  We came up with Christian Bale without realising that we had inadvertently pitted Batman against Iron Man.  I was initially against Bale but the idea of DC and Marvel’s most similar characters coming up against each other in a completely unrelated movie made me smile.

As for Stuart Townsend, that was my suggestion, based mainly on his work in LXG. He just seems to suit that kind of self-assured aristocratic yet pretty handy with a sword if he had to be role.

So who are you voting for?

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Quote of the Day

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Haven’t been inspired with one of these for ages, but an episode of Green Wing reminded me of this one (beieve it or not)

“With a gun in your mouth you speak only in vowels.”

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