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Hi everyone!

Sorry for the absence, I’ve been on holiday, but since I’ve been gone my hits have continued to sky rocket so thanks to everyone who’s dropped by or left a comment. ūüôā

Anyhoo, down to business…

There’s some great films coming out in the not to distant future, including Tim Burton’s¬† 9 which I’ve written about before.

Releasing on the same day (09.09.09) we have Dorian Gray.¬† This one intrigues me as its one of the few books I’ve actually read (and loved!)¬† As far as I know his only big screen incarnation to date is Stuart Townsend in LXG.¬† Good fun but about as far removed from the book as you can get.¬† Gray is a great character so there’s potential for a really good movie here, even if the do stray from the book.¬† Interestingly, depite Wilde’s description of him as blonde and blue, the new film, like LXG has gone for a darker look.¬† Gotta say that’s always how I pictured him.

Trailer looks good.  Maybe Colin firth can redeem himself for Mamma Mia.

Also on my to see list for September is Gamer, starring Michael C. “Dexter” Hall and Gerrard Butler.¬† He’s getting an increasingly slimy reputation since he hit the big time, but I caught the trailer before Public Enemies and it looks like it could be good.¬† Lots of guns and explosions will always draw me in.

And finally….Surrogates.¬† Kind of a similar idea to Gamer with a little bit of The Matrix thrown in for good luck, it stars Bruce Willis sporting what is possibly the most unconvincing wig in movie history (luckily not for long).¬† “Based on the Graphic Novel” is always a sure fire way to pull in the crowds, and Bruce is usually worth the money so while the futuristic nightmare format might be getting a little tired now, Surrogates is likely to get me into the cinema.

So that’s September sorted. Good thing I’m not going back to uni….

Oooh and don’t forget Cloudy with a Chance of Meatlballs.¬† It looks like fun to me.¬† And coming up in October (and likely to get its own post nearer the time) is Shutter Island.¬† Leo DiCaprio in a new psych-ward thriller. The trailer looks wicked.

Nice to be back everyone.

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So, now that I’ve seen Watchmen what’s next on my list?¬† Well, I’m really looking forward to X Men Origins coming out in May, but I’m guessing there’s very few people who haven’t heard about that.

What might have passed you by is 9, the latest offering from the mind of Tim Burton, currently in post-production and set to hit screens on 09/09/09 (funnily enough). Set in a post apocalyptic world, and including voice talent from Elijah Wood, John C. Reilly, Jennifer Connelly and Christopher Plummer, I’m already excited. Long wait though…

Here’s the trailer:

PS. How great is the music on that trailer?!

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