The A Team

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This one has been sitting unwatched on my shelf since Christmas, but the planets aligned and that not so weekly anymore get together required a film none of us had seen. So down it came.

There’s not much I can say about The A Team.  I remember when it first arrived in cinemas much wailing and gnashing of teeth, alongside accusations of it being the worst destruction of childhood memories since The Phantom Menace. Luckily for me, I never watched The A Team growing up, and have only seen the first two or three episodes of the old TV show, so I didn’t really have anything to get upset about.

Lots of things are wrong with the movie. The plot is weirdly hard to follow, mainly because most of the cast mumble and deaf people like me can’t  make out a word they’re saying. Liam Neeson’s accent seems to be wandering around some weird Irish-American hybrid and despite giving himself the cool middle name “Rampage,” Quinton Jackson just isn’t Mr T.  But there is also some good. Sharlto Copley (last seen in District 9) provides some laughs as Howling Mad Murdoch and the dual timeline set pieces where Smith explains the plan to the team as we see it unfold are a good way to keep the pace up.  Bradley Cooper was doing what he does best (being himself) which was fine until they tried to add a romantic storyline in the form of might-as-well-be-a-cardboard-cut-out Jessica Biel.  The action scenes (of which there are many) are fun to watch, but do contain some hilariously implausibilities, including some nifty work with a helicopter that doesn’t end in someone getting minced and a sinking tanker that is apparently filled with nothing but rocket fuel and dynamite given just how long it carries on exploding for.

The A Team was never really going to be one of the greats. But it’s fun. It’s fluff. Not to be taken seriously. Give me a mindless blow ’em up film over something trying to be worthy any day.


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5 Responses to “The A Team”

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Yeah….but…they fly a tank!!!

Surely that is the greatest thing in the world!!

The A Team is pretty much my latest guilty pleasure. I love it so!1 HEHEH

The bit where they flew a tank was pretty awesome. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure movie. Good bit of mindless fun.

Hollywood has been doing this lazy act for a couple of decades, remake an old TV show, blow things up and hope it sells a lot the first weekend. The A Team was fun back in the day but got old in a hurry, it became a stale formula. Good people but it became cartoonish. I wouldn’t watch this movie remake if they gave me the tickets.

Consistently funny dialogue, pretty sharp direction by Joe Carnahan that keeps a good balance between “laid back” and “adrenaline rush”, and while I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a full-out recommendation, it’s definitely one of the better guilty pleasures I’ve come across in recent memory. Good review.

Thanks, I think you sum things up pretty well there. It’s fun for what it is.

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