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For the long suffering readers out there; you’ve probably been frustrated more than once at leaving me a lovely in depth comment about how something I’ve written relates to an amazing movie which I then admit I’ve never seen.  This is for you.  To go with my two Movies to See/Miss pages I’m adding a new third page to the site: Movies I Need to See.

I’ll start the list myself with a collection of films that are on my current “to-do” list, but I want some input from you too, so leave me a comment either here or on the new snazzy page (links at the top) and I’ll add them to the pile.  Like the other two, the page will be continually updated and I’ll let you know as I cross things off.

obviously I’m not including really recent releases on the list, ‘cos, you know, give me a chance!

My Need to See list so far:

  1. The Godfather Parts II and III. Everyone tells me the 2nd one is the best one but I’ve still only seen the first one.
  2. Beetlejuice. Shocking from such a die hard Burton fan
  3. The Incredibly Hulk (Norton, not Bana) I know, I call myself a Marvel fan but I’ve actually seen neither of the recent Hulk movies. I have seen the original though.
  4. The Big Lebowski
  5. Dr Strangelove
  6. Young Frankenstein
  7. Chaplin
  8. Memento
  9. Requiem for a Dream
  10. Being John Malkovich
  11. Good Will Hunting
  12. A Beautiful Mind
  13. Schindler’s List
  14. Slumdog Millionaire. I know. I think I’m the only person on the planet who hasn’t seen it.
  15. Top Gun. As soon as I get over Tom Cruise being in it
  16. Jerry Maguire. Likewise.
  17. A Fish Called Wanda
  18. Crash

That’s all I’ve got for now. More suggestions in the comments or here please.

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10 Responses to “Movies I Need to See”

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LOTS of great titles on this list. You gonna be writing about them as you scratch ’em off?

Of course. It’ll take me a while though!

Well we can lend you Requiem for a Dream and Schindler’s List. Just say when!

As long as you watch 1, 5, and 13 you’ll be just fine.

I wish I could watch some of these films again for the first time! 🙂

I’m not sure where my biggest recommendation would go. I guess it depends on your mood but the Godfather films are essential viewing. A Fish Called Wanda and The Big Lebowski are two of my favourite comedies.

Hey, can’t find any contact info on your site – which I’ve just been enjoying. Can you locate mine on and drop me a message please?

Darren (and anyone else) in the right hand side bar there’s a “Want to get in touch?” section. My email address is also on the About page.

Out of that list I would say that the ‘must sees’ are Dr Strangelove, Young Frankenstein, Chaplin (I’m gonna assume you mean Chaplin the man in anything and not the dull biopic), Memento and Crash (again I’m going with the assumption that you mean Cronenberg’s classic and not Haggis’ patronising duffer)…

…Top Gun is just woeful, but what do you expect from a film based on a cocaine addict’s wet dream? Schindler’s List is Spielberg at his worst and A Beautiful Mind is the usual meaningless Ron Howard effort… all three are on the ‘Shawshank List’… films for people who don’t like films or just haven’t seen enough films to know any better.

The rest are well worth catching.

I actually do mean the “dull biopic” 😛 I’m also pretty sure I’ll hate Top Gun. Some of the films on the list aren’t because I think they are amazing pieces of cinema but more because they’re the kind of films everyone seems to have seen but me and I feel I need to catch up. I kind of feel like a fraud if I can’t rag on the classics too!

Memento and Requiem for a Dream are two of my favorites! I can’t wait to hear your opinion on them 🙂

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