London Calling to the Underworld

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I’ve always kept this blog focussed on topic, and it very rarely wanders into autobiographical territory, but waking up this morning to the horrible news about people tearing apart my beloved city I just felt that I wanted to write something.

I’m lucky in that the senseless violence hasn’t come too close to me, and I have everything crossed that it doesn’t spread any further.  When you hear about things like this it’s always something that happens far away, or to people you don’t know, but last night I was out in Camden; and as the bars, the market and the tube stations started to be locked up it all started to seem a bit too real.  Thankfully me and my friends all made it home safely before any of the violence kicked off, and I’m no longer in the city, but there’s a great sadness this morning that a few mindless, greedy thugs have managed to turn a vibrant city into one which is being brought to its knees by its own people.  The worst and most disgusting part of it is that this isn’t a protest. There’s no agenda. They don’t want anything. It’s violence for violence sake. And the chance of a free TV.

This is the city that survived 7/7 and said we wont live in fear.  Now being held hostage by a ridiculous minority who are destroying people’s homes and livelihoods because in some sick twisted way they find it fun.

My heart goes out to those who are caught in the middle of all this mayhem.  I hope my friends who are still in London stay safe and that this meaningless destruction comes to as abrupt an end as it had a beginning.  And to the riot police,who are working endless shifts in dire conditions; the emergency services and the wonderful #riotcleanup volunteers, thank you for everything you are doing, I hope you know that the majority of the country is on your side.

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6 Responses to “London Calling to the Underworld”

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Without any intention of sounding patriotic:

The Blitz > 7/7 > Pikey shits throwing bricks and stealing Playstations.

I think London can deal with this without melting into a crock-pot of gibbering fear. We’ve dealt with far worse.

That’s pretty much my point. It’s not that we can’t deal with it. It’s just depressing that people will destroy their own city for the sake of a free pair of trainers.

Well said, Katie I agree with everything you say.

Just watching Newsnight, the idiots that are trying to justify or score political points from what is going on are as bad as the idiots who are doing the damage.

I am glad you got out safely Katie. It is such a worry.

I am so scared for this country, I just do not see the point of it all. The sheer panic that was on twitter yesterday from all up and down the country was horrid. We went to the cinema last night in Crawley and it was empty. People have become too scared to go out. Held to ransom.

I hope that the words ‘zero tolerence’ are uttered by the PM this week and he sends out the order for the police to actually do something instead of being helpless and not wanting to step on anyones human rights….ridiculous

I’m so glad to hear you are doing ok, Katie. It breaks my heart to see what’s been happening. I LOVE London, I’ve only been there twice but it sure left an impression, in fact, my desktop picture is photos my hubby took of the city. Yeah, my heart goes out to those who are affected by this, hope order is restored soon and there’ll be lessons learned from this. God bless you all!

Thanks for the concern guys. I’ve been well out of it and not really affected other than watching it on TV. I’m hoping that things seem to have died down now, so I can get back to blogging about movies!

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