Why I’m worried about Captain America

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On the 29th July, Captain America: The First Avenger hits cinemas.

This is the sort of thing that should send superhero junkies like me into a frenzy of excitement.  But instead, I’m just a little bit nervous about how the film is going to go down.

My main concern about Cap can be summed up in two words: Chris Evans.  I’ve been saying it for months, and I really hope he proves me wrong, but I don’t like the guy and just don’t see him working. He annoyed the hell out of me in Fantastic Four but seeing as that’s pretty much all I’m basing this on I’m hoping that he was playing an irritating character and will find another dimension when playing Steve Rogers.

The other thing that bugs me is the potential for the film to look dated even before it’s started. I know very little about the comics, because to be honest I was never interested, so correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s always seemed like a very old fashioned character with the kind of excessive patriotism that doesn’t sit as comfortably now as it may have done then.  It might get away with it in the American market but I’m not sure how British audiences will react.  I’m also struggling with the fact that as much as I want to, I’ve never liked Cap. He’s too whiter than white for me, kind of Marvel’s answer to Superman which I just find dull. As I said in the 15 Questions Meme, I’m anti-hero all the way.

And worry number three is just how much stock is tied up in this movie.  They’ve gone ahead and called in The First Avenger. They might as well have stamped the word FRANCHISE across the poster.  If Cap bombs then on the 4th May next year we have a big problem.  So far Iron Man is going strong (even though a lot of people get stressed out over the sequel) and Thor got rave reviews (seriously, someone take me to see that!).  That’s half the team sorted.  But apparently we’re getting yet another version of Bruce Banner in the form of Mark Ruffalo, which scuppers my hopes that they’d somehow get Norton back, and if Evans fails to impress then we’ve got a very precarious situation.  Even more so since he’s supposed to be the brains of the outfit.  I don’t know whether they’d try to skew the film to focus on more popular or successful characters but it all seems a bit messy to me. Especially since they’re also going to try and keep each character’s separate movies going (or at least they are with Iron Man, for now…)

All this seems like a potential disaster.  And a lot of it comes from how much money is riding on these films, which isn’t how it should work.

Having said all that, Hugo Weaving is in this film. Which can only be good. And the trailer looks OK. It didn’t get me as over-excited as some, but it wasn’t as teeth clenchingly cheesy as The Green Lantern. So let’s hope I’m just worrying over nothing.

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7 Responses to “Why I’m worried about Captain America”

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[…] Why I’m worried about Captain America […]

Hugo Weaving plays a villain. I’m already sold.

That’s pretty much my logic.

I’m not worried, I actually have high hopes for this movie, partly because the trailer looks good and partly because Thor was so surprisingly good. The period setting will probably prevent the movie from looking dated and the director is probably a good choice for that reason. Although Joe Johnston isn’t a big name, he was responsible for the underrated period super hero movie The Rocketeer.

The casting is actually pretty good, I wouldn’t blame Chris Evans for the Fantastic Four, it was just a shit movie, he had fun with the part he was given. As for the rest of the cast: Hugo Weaving as a villain, what more do you want? Stanley Tucci and Toby Jones are always worth watching, Tommy Lee Jones could be interesting. Dominic Cooper as Iron Man’s dad looks like an great choice. Richard Armitage can’t act but you can’t have everything!

Paramount will need the movie to stand as a lone movie and make them some money and not just serve as a stepping stone to The Avengers as the evil empire (Disney) have the rights to that and Iron Man 3.

In short the most anticipated comic book movie of the year, and there are a lot of commic book movies out this year!

You really have thought about this haven’t you Andy? I hope you’re right about the casting and direction. It definitely is an egerly anticipated film. I’ll be going to see it as soon as I can.

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