Fifteen Movie Questions Meme

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We all love a good meme don’t we? Andy tagged me in this one so I guess I better play along.  Simple stuff, 15 questions, 15 answers.  I’ll leave the psychosocial analysis up to you.

To make it more fun I’m not going to tell you the names of the movies, just give you picture clues. If you’ve read this blog before the answers will probably be really obvious anyway. (I’ve nicked this idea from somebody’s Life in Movies post but I can’t for the life of me remember who so sorry!)

Movie you love with a passion

Let’s all die of shock shall we?

Movie you vow never to watch

Because vampires do not sparkle.

Movie that literally left you speechless

Amazing work.

Movie you always recommend

If you haven’t seen it there’s something wrong with you.

Actor/Actress you always watch no matter how crappy the movie

Except Due Date

Actor/Actress you don’t get the appeal for


Actor/Actress living or dead you’d love to meet

Struggled a bit to think of just one, but then he popped into my head and he’s such a legend of cinema

Sexiest actor/actress you’ve ever seen (picture required!)

Dream cast

I don’t really get dream casts, sometimes the best cast are brilliant because they’re thrown together by accident. Big name ensemble casts can sometimes get in the way of themselves by having too many super famous people. You forget to concentrate on the movie becasue you’re too busy spotting names. It’s like being on one of those bus tours.

Favourite actor pairing

I couldn’t think of one. So I went with this.

Favourite movie setting

The haven’t taken the set down yet

Favourite decade for movies

I don’t really have an answer for this one, every decade has some amazing movies and some crap. I’m quite liking the superhero revival of the 00s.

Chick flick or action movie?

If things explode and then guys walk away not looking at the super cool fire ball they just created I’m in.

Hero, villain or anti-hero?


Black and white or colour?

I’m supposed to do some tagging now, but instead I’ll just say this was fun and you should do it too. Or not. Your choice. 😛

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11 Responses to “Fifteen Movie Questions Meme”

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I’ll be honest. I do not know what movie your favourite setting picture is for.

I love your comment under the Iron Man pic.

I’ll let you into a litle secret Ian, about 75% of the pictures on my blog have mouseover captions. If you leave the mouse on them things pop up. Not all, but some. The setting one should answer your question

Ah! Sweet. I didn’t realize we could do that!

he he I’ve been doing it since the very beginning. I stole the idea from xkcd. Haven’t always got the inspiration though. More often than not they’re movie quotes.

HAHA Fun little list you have there Katie!!

A Master Stroke on Han and Chewy too!!

Thanks for sharing

thanks Custard glad you approve

Nice list, Katie! And I like your new blog layout 😀

You’re the second person I know who picked RDJ for #5, and I totally understand. Ha..ha.. that’s funny on the fave pairing one, I also pick Harrison Ford but with someone else other than Chewbaca 😀

How did Chewbacca not win an Oscar?

We can only wonder…he was robbed.

[…] white for me, kind of Marvel’s answer to Superman which I just find dull. As I said in the 15 Questions Meme, I’m anti-hero all the […]

LOL about twilight. You’re right, vampires do not sparkle. Interesting choices! Johnny Depp is definitely sexy. Tom Cruise is cute when he’s not aware of it.

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