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The other reason I love going it the cinema, besides the ear shattering volume and giant pictures, is the trailers. On the front of X Men we had a few worth paying attention two.

The first was a trailer which looked like it was going to be for something really cool. It’s actually the second time I’ve seen this one on a big screen and it still suckered me in with its 196o’s space race preamble. I started wondering what this new cool movie with Steven Spielberg’s name on it could be.

Turns out it was Transformers 3. So that sucks.

The next trailer which caught my eye was for Green Lantern. Now, I still haven’t forgiven Ryan Reynolds for defecting to the bad side. Especially when going from Deadpool to Lantern is a massive move down in the world.  I can’t decide where I stand on this film. Bits of it look cool, bits of it look incredibly camp (not usually a problem, but I’m not sure this film knows whether it’s taking itself seriously or not).  Reynolds has the potential to be really annoying too.  Jury’s out on this one, I probably wont see it in the cinema but I might catch it on DVD.  I’m still more excited about the upcoming Deadpool movie.

The final trailer I want to talk about just looked fricking awesome.  I’ve been hearing good things about Super 8 recently but somehow it’s managed to stay under my radar. Not much to say other than this looks wicked.


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6 Responses to “Some trailers…”

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Some big blockbuster trailers there Katie!!

I am not a big fan of the Cinema anymore, I love Film, but I tend to enjoy it more in the comfort of my own home rather than being disappointed by a number of factors at the multiplex. I just seem to always be looking for the vertigo inducing thrill that I used to get in the old style theatres when I was a child…you get me?

Ah well, sorry for the tangent waffle.


Tangent waffles are always entertaining! I’m the exact opposite, I still find going to the cinema exciting, especially in some of the bigger London screens. One of the great things about X Men was there weren’t that many people in the place besides me and my friends so it felt like we had our own private screening. For me, nothing beats the big screen when the curtains roll back and you sit back in your excessively padded chair. You just can’t quite recreate that at home.

LOL Yeah I understand what you are getting at.

But taking my family to pictures costs me £40 at least. Do that once a week, ok maybe once every other week, and few extra…shall we say 30 for the year? Thats £1200…

For £1200 you can buy a blooming good projector and sound system and have a 100″ screen in your lounge and be able to pause it for a wee, or a snack run. OK you can’t see the new films coming out, you have to wait, and there is no buzz of a full theatre seeing a new film. But I happily give that up for the removal of teenagers, people munching on stuff inappropriate for cinema, that big guy who always sits in front of me, the bum cramp, that rubbish top end heavy sound system, the not really in focus projection.

Maybe I am lucky in that I have the above mentioned cinema experience in my home. Maybe I am just a grumpy old man (I am starting to believe this more and more hehe).

In fact I am taking the wife to see ‘Potiche’ this Friday, but I know that I am going to moan like buggery about the price/comfort/noise all the way through.

Sorry Katie, I have gone off on a waffle…AGAIN!!

ha ha maybe slightly grumpy old man but i do see what you’re getting at. For me, the fact that it’s expenseive is why its still a treat because i don’t get to go that often (you may have noticed :P) I think I love the shared experience of it most, hearing strangers laughing at the same points as you. It’s the same reason live music/theatre will always beat a recording.
Having said that, sometimes there is nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a DVD.

LOL I am grumpy hey? Just ask my poor wife!!

I totally get what you are saying…I just long for one good experience in the cinema, I have nothing of bad times the last year…hold on….Maybe, just maybe I am looking for the flaws? rather than enjoying the film?

HAHA I am going to try and enjoy Friday night…thats a promise!

Thanks for letting me vent Katie!

ha ha you’ll have to let me know how friday goes! it might help that as a student i go to the cinema at unusual times when there are less people about. that or im just more positive than you 😉

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