Despicable Me

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You may have noticed I’m watching a lot of kid’s films recently. I think it’s a side effect of realising I have exams again.  Now the opera is over I have time to catch up on some recent releases that passed me by, and seeing as I’m currently battling the plague kid’s films seemed an apt place to start.

Despicable Me is fun. And that’s about the most you can say about it. It’s predictable and doesn’t really stand out from the swelling crowd of animations out there, but it is fun.  At first I found Steve Carrell’s OTT accent grating but you get used to it, and soon enough I found myself rooting for Gru.  Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the casting of Russell Brand, who didn’t do anything wrong exactly but was just hopelessly miscast as an aging evil scientist. Maybe his voice isn’t as instantly recognisable to American audiences, but to me it was completely surreal and distracting hearing his (ineffectively disguised) mockney coming out of an old man on a mobility scooter.

There aren’t as many laughs for the grown ups as we have come to expect from modern animations, but there are some good jokes and it kept me happy for a short but sweet 95 minutes.  It’s careful not to get to sentimental and the 3 orphans are cute without becoming corny.  My favourite characters were actually the minions. I want one.

Not a danger to my top 5 animations, but an entertaining film.

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2 Responses to “Despicable Me”

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Yeah, Russell Brand doesn’t suit an aging evil scientist; when I hear his voice all I picture is teenage bunny rabbit. That’s much more appropriate casting.

(I leave a sarcastic comment about current pop culture because I haven’t seen the movie to offer any appropriate discussion)

ha ha I appreciated it. I think he makes a more convincing bunny than a scientist

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