It’s about time for another trailer…

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I know this blog has got pretty Marvel heavy recently but I couldn’t let this one go by without a post.  I’ve already caught it on three different blogs this morning so I’d be letting the side down if I didn’t post it too!

X Men: First Class. I had reservations. Then they cast McAvoy.  Now we have a trailer. And it looks gooooooood!

What do you think?

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9 Responses to “It’s about time for another trailer…”

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this trailer didnt get me going at all, i have to say. which i dont mind cos i still think the film will be good. but it was a very ‘stock’ trailer.
1. blatantly say who is playing what older guy from earlier movies
2. show every fricking character’s face for one second
3. have some crummy line.
4. show a big action scene.

didnt do it for me. looks like Fassbenders gonna be a terrific Magneto though

It may be stock but I’m still pretty excited to see what it’s going to look like as a movie. And I was geeking out a bit at Beast and Emma Frost.
Fassbender does look like a great casting choice.

Yeah, the trailer didn’t thrill me either but I agree with Ross on this idea of crap trailer makes for a good film. It’s often the reverse so I’m hoping this time it works in the opposite direction.

You are commenter number 900. I feel you should get some kind of prize…

I had very low expectations for this film so maybe that’s why I’m excited by the trailer because I’m willing to believe now that it’s not going to suck.

I’m happy that they released this trailer cause this does look very cool and exciting now. The casting of younger actors is what may help this film out in the long run, mainly because McAvoy and Fassbender have proven to be amazing in their own films, so it’ll be cool to see how they do with a superhero script. Can’t wait for this!

Don’t listen to Ross, Katie 🙂 This is a great trailer and the movie will be great, too! McAvoy and Fassbender are the biggest draw for me initially but I’m now just excited for the movie, period.

Yay! Positive comments at last! This got such a buzz on facebook but everyone on here seemed really disinteredted. Glad you two have swung the score back in my direction. 🙂

There are 4 comic book movies coming out this summer (Thor, x-men:first class, green lantern, and captain america) and so far im impressed with all the trailers. I can’t wait to see who wins the war at the box office. I have a feeling it will be captain america. Also, magneto looks bad ass.

‘Don’t listen to Ross..’
man, ive heard that before.

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