Marvel vs DC: The story so far…

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On January 3rd I opened a can of worms in an attempt to find out who the internet loved more; Marvel or DC.

So far it’s hard to tell.  There’s a lot of love for Marvel out there, but Batman is messing up the argument for a lot of people.  Here’s a (continually updating) run down of the battle so far:

I’m a Marvel…

Me (obviously!)

Kai at The List

…and I’m a DC

Aiden at Cut the Crap Movie Reviews

JT at JT Film Review

Perching precariously on the fence…

Andy at Fandango Groovers

Darren at The Movie Blog

I know there are more posts in the pipeline so let me know if you’re writing and I’ll get you linked.  There have been some great comments on all the posts so far, so thanks for getting involved.

Meanwhile, I’m going to add a poll to this post to see if we can sort it out once and for all.

Jan 29th: Crap. I’m losing my own argument. Where are all my Marvel buddies?!

April 14th: Scores are now tied!

May 31st: A new submission from Darren, but the scores are still tied.

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8 Responses to “Marvel vs DC: The story so far…”

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‘Im a Marvel.. except for Batman’

It’s so true though. A lot of people have come out with that argument 😛

I love that “I’m a Marvel… except for Batman”.

Can’t I be both?

By the way, have you seen the excellent “I’m a Marvel… and I’m a DC” web series, which pits various movie characters against each other in discussions? There’s a hilarious Iron Man one where he’s enjoying being awesome in the summer of 2008… until The Dark Knight arrives and everyone forgets about him – prompting Iron Man to fall off the wagon and Bruce to give him a Rocky III training montage. And then, for no reason, Hellboy shows up.

Though my personal favourite one is Spider-Man on Superman Returns. “So, they thought the best way to make you more relatable to young people was to make you an illegitimate father?”

Up until yesterday that was winning. You have to choose, it’s one of life’s great tragedies.

Yes I have, if you go back to the original posst you’ll see that was the inspiration for the meme. I have a feeling the person who makes that has a bit of a Marvel leaning 😉
I haven’t seen that Iron Man one though, heading to youtube now!

I think dc have better individual characters, but marvel do crossovers much, much better.
Shocking amount of plagiarism On both sides, was just telling mcg about a guy I recently came across in a dc graphic novel: superhuman strength, speed and agility; has claws, healing ability and distinct tufts of hair on both sides of his head; wears a black and yellow suit. His name? Timber Wolf. Seriously, look him up!

That is just brazen! Marvel always and forever. I will not have my mind changed, even though I’m losing my own poll!

Hey, very, very, very delayed contribution this time around. Sorry, kept meaning to get to it.

And, on the subject of plagiarism, Marvel’s Deadpool was originally a “homage” (read:steal) of DC’s Deathstroke (the pun being you “do the Deathstroke in the Deadpool”). It was only in later years, once his original creator phased out that Deadpool became the fourth-wall breakin’ meta-aware merc with a mouth we all know and love.

Better late than never! I’ve been an absentee lately due to exams so thanks for still taking the time to contirbute. Good trivia knowledge too!

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