I’m ranting again…

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We all know I’m not exactly a Harry Potter fan. My issues with the books aside, the first couple of movies were OK and as long running kids film franchises go it’s not a bad one.
I do have two problems with the upcoming release of Deathly Hallows though:

  1. It’s been split into two movies.  The official party line is that there’s too much going on in the book (which I haven’t read so I can’t really judge) to fit into one movie.  Cutting it in half was out of respect to the plot and in no way had anything to do with the fact that this will obviously top the box office instantly and having two movies means double the profits. Never.  The Potter fans amongst you will have to let me know if this annoys you, but I know that a while back when a gaggle of movies started being released in two halves (Matrix Reloaded/Revs, Pirates 2 and 3) it was a complete pain.
  2. It’s being released in 3D. Puh-lease!  We’ve managed to get through six movies so far without wands poking out of the screen at us and I’m pretty sure no one has cared.  Talk about jumping on the band wagon.  Making the final installment in 3D (although I doubt it’s being filmed in 3D, it’ll be a hasty Clash of the Titans-style tack on) just cheapens the whole series.  I swear if they made LOTR now some idiot would try to release it in 3D.

You’re probably thinking I should get with the times. 3D is apparently here to stay and I should embrace it.  I’m the digital age equivalent of those old guys in high-waisted trousers who still listen to the wireless because that was quality entertainment.  I know this.  But I still can’t see any benefits of 3D other than the gimmick.  And the fact that you can now get 3D TV and 3D channels just worries me.

I suppose it makes sense that the kids who’ve grown up with the Harry Potter movies should see the technology evolve as the movies go on.  But that final hack-sawed in half 3D double feature just smacks of an industry which knows it’s about to lose one of its biggest money makers of the last decade and is determined to squeeze every last penny out of it while it can.


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7 Responses to “I’m ranting again…”

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This is cool. You are a good writer. why dont you do it professionally. x

Yo Katie… I hear ya. I’m actually ok with it being split into 2 movies, but I might have a different opinion once I’m done watching the first one 😀 Y’see, I got on to the HP bandwagon much later than everyone, so I watch all 6 movies in quick succession, not having to wait a year or two for the next.

As for the 3D thing, I totally agree they shouldn’t bother with it unless they shot it with 3D technology. Clash of the Titans was horrid and I’m with you, I don’t really need to have wands poking out at me as I’m watching it. I might wait what the reviews say, if it’s really bad I won’t shell out the extra cash to see it in 3D.

Thanks guys 🙂

It all depends how they end it doesn’t it? I just know from experience that they tend to end split movies on a horrendous cliff hanger and there’s nothign I hate more than a rubbish ending.

I was never on the bandwagon. Then I decided I should at least give it ago so I read books 1-4 and saw the first couple of movies. By the time I got to book 4 I was playing spot the difference with the repeating pattern so I didn’t read anymore. The films I though were good, right up until…I think it’s Goblet of Fire…I mix them up. Anyhoo it was one of the supposed “darker” ones and I just remember there being a scene where little Daniel Radcliffe was doing some serious acting for once (someone had died) but the editor seemed to get scared we were gettign too dark and quickly cut to some fluffy scene about House Points or trains or something. That wound me up and I gave up. I’ve heard the later movies are supposed to be “dark” but to be honest it’s been dragging on now, with books and films, for so long I really couldn’t care less. I think that’s one of the reasons releasing it in two parts annoys me too, it’ll drag on even longer.

I sincerely doubt they’re shooting it with 3D tech. I’ll wait to be proved wrong, but this just seems like a last minute idea to me.

actually, they released the Half-Blood Prince (HP6) movie in 3D. and there was only one 3D scene, which they really did shoot with 3D technology. I think. And it did look amazing–except for the part that it was completely pointless, and it was just one scene for the whole movie.

as for splitting Deathly Hallows (HP7) into two movies, I kinda agree with the decision to do so. This is the end, and because they’ve been cutting a lot of things in the previous movies, they will really need two movies to give most of their loose story threads closure.

And I think there might be two end points in the book that could work as a closure-ending for the first part of the movie, that would lead up to the second part of the movie. So I’m not worried about the material. I am worried though that they might cop out and choose a cliffhanger ending to ensure that people would watch the last movie as well.

Really? Well I didn’t know that. Seems weird to release a whole movie in 3D for one scene. In general I find 3D “completely pointless.”

Like I said, I haven’t read the book so I don’t really know how annoying it is to cut it in half. It just feels like the whole Harry Potter thing is going to drag on forever. I’m just waiting for tehm to announce they’re going to make it into a musical.
I am prepared to bet you now that they will chose a cliffhanger ending for the first half.

Thanks for the comment. Always nice to have new viewpoints. Welcome to STRM.

I’m with you on the 3D thing, like I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before. I’ll just see it in 2D so long as the people I go with are okay with that.

As for the two movies, I got to thinking; is it really a rip-ff? If they took a regular two-hour movie and split it into two one-hour movies, then yes. But here we are getting two full length movies. We’ve already paid for 6 movies, what is one more extra going to matter?

Hey Ian. In some cinemas they don’t give you the choice, which annoys me, but if i was going to see it (which I wont) I’d go for 2D too.

I don’t necessarily think it’s a rip off, if I remember rightly the books do start getting ridiculously long (I think she had a bet on) so there’s probably a lot of material that needs to go into two films. But you just know that part one is going to have the most annoyingly unsatisfying ending ever. And it drags the whole thing out for another six months. If they drag this out any longer our “child” actors will be in their 40s before they finish.

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