We’re never going to leave that Island!

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A quick post for all of you out there who joined in with/followed the Desert Island DVD fun that went on last month.

Blogginator Andy has now compiled a list of all the movies that were chosen by the 42 bloggers involved, and it makes for interesting reading.  Between us we’ve picked all three Bourne movies, the Star Wars and the LOTR trilogies, along with war films, romcoms, musicals, fight flicks, cartoons, comedies, blockbusters and relative unknowns. It’s a diverse group.

So if I was stranded with all the Desert Island bloggers and our picks, I reckon I would be far from bored.  But the inevitable debates would probably spark an out-and-out war which would end our little society within about a month…

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5 Responses to “We’re never going to leave that Island!”

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You know what? Nobody brought Godfather Part II. What have we done!?!

Now honestly I’m kind of wishing I WAS stranded on that desert island with all those movies, but only if I could be stranded with all the bloggers who participated. Lord knows it wouldn’t be dull, what with us Tarantino freaks arguing with “Bridge on the River Kwai” types that “Inglourious Basterds” is a valid war film, dammit. Never a dull moment with that crowd of film geeks! 🙂

Simon: I haven’t actually seen Part II…….

M: It would be the worlds longest argument. And it would never be resolved. Fun thought 😛

I reckon we should all rent and island and a large DVD case… 😉

sounds like a plan

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