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Watching this last night reminded me of just how many brilliant lines there are.  One of my favourites:

“Good God you’re a woman! I honestly…I couldn’t have called that.”

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7 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

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Very quotable! A couple of my favourites:

Give me a scotch. I’m starving

I’m sorry. This is the fun-vee. The hum-drum-vee is back there.

lol both brilliant. I also love: “don’t follow me around with it, I feel like I’m gonna catch fire spontaneously.”

Nobody can do one-liners quite like RDJ. He always underplays them and never laughs at his own jokes. Another great exchange:

Tony Stark: It’s funny, I though with it being my plane and all that it would just wait for me.
Virginia ‘Pepper’ Potts: Tony I need to speak to you about a couple of things before I get you out…
Tony Stark: I mean doesn’t it kind of defeat the whole purpose of having your own plane if it departs before you arrive?

Pepper’s best line. After handing Christine Everheart her dry cleaned cloths:

Christine Everheart: After all these years, Tony still has you picking up the dry cleaning.

Virginia ‘Pepper’ Potts: I do anything and everything Mr. Stark requires. Including occasionally taking out the trash. Will that be all?

all great lines. especially taking out the trash.

I felt that Stark from the first film was excellent, but Stark in the second film felt a little forced. I felt that in every scene he was in, there was something forced on us that was supposed to make us laugh; hence Cap’s shield.

But on the other hand I am smitten with your site!

Thanks for stopping by Frank!
I can’t say I noticed a forced tendency in the second film, seemed to me very much the same kind of comedy as the first. The first film is a tough act to follow, and I thin that is the what is causing a lot of the criticism in the second.

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