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Biggest surprise of the night?  The Hurt Locker came away with 6 awards. I haven’t seen it, so I can’t really argue, but I’ve heard so little about this movie other than it is just very…worthy. I’m a bit concerned that it’s the politically correct choice.

Avatar only managed two, which is less of a surprise, but I think it will do better in America. I’m still not expecting it to win Best Film, though.

Nicholas Hoult was robbed for the Rising Star award, but when you let the public vote anything involving the omnipresent “Twiglet” is bound to win.

Happy that Brits took the Best Actor/Actress masks, and bonus points to Colin Firth for making a speech about fridges. Hooray for Michael Giacchino’s win for the Up score, definitely one to watch for movie music in the future.  Also loved  that the first award of the night went to Duncan Jones, who cried.

Here’s the full list for those who are interested:

Best Film:
The Hurt Locker

Outstanding British Film:
Fish Tank

Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker

Colin Firth, A Single Man

Carey Mulligan, An Education

Supporting Actor:
Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds

Supporting Actress:
Mo’Nique, Precious

Original Screenplay:
The Hurt Locker

Adapted Screenplay:
Up in the Air

Film not in the English Language:
A Prophet

Animated Film:

The Hurt Locker

Costume Design:
The Young Victoria

The Hurt Locker

Make-Up & Hair:
The Young Victoria


Production Design:

The Hurt Locker

Visual Effects:

Short Animation:
Mother of Many

Short Film:
I Do Air

Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer:
Duncan Jones (director, Moon)

Orange Rising Star Award:
Kristen Stewart

Outstanding contribution to British cinema:
Joe Dunton

Bafta Fellowship:
Vanessa Redgrave

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12 Responses to “BAFTA thoughts”

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The Hurt Locker is a truly amazing film. It is the first great war movie in a generation, I personally picked Let the Right One In as my movie of 2009 but this was a close second. It really deserved five of its six awards (Inglourious Basterds should have got original screenplay) and I hope it will do as well in the Oscars but fear it won’t.

Colin Firth really deserved his award, whilst I wasn’t totally convinced with A Single Man his performance was amazing, I loved his speech too!

Take a look at my BAFTA post, I was typing it as I watched.

OK then, that’s the first rave review I’ve heard but like I said I haven’t seen it.
Heading to your blog…

First rave review? It’s 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, averaging 8.4/10 and averaging 8.0/10 from 40 thousand votes on IMDB. If anything, I haven’t heard anyone shit on it yet. Although there will be an inevitable backlash if it sweeps the Oscars.

It’s only worthy in the sense that it deserves most of these awards. Especially editing and direction. I agree with ^ that Basterds should have won best original screenplay though.

I don’t agree with Nicolas Hoult as the ideal choice for the Rising Star award either, particularly when one of the nominees won Best Actress!

OK point taken I should pay more attention. Still can’t say I’m moved to see it though, and I like War Movies, it just doesn’t grab me. But apparently I’m wrong.
I thought Ingluourious would get more, but that’ll probably even out at the Oscars.

Carey Mulligan was my second choice for rising star, but she can’t have them both!

Hi Katie, I guess I’m in the minority here regarding Hurt Locker. I just wrote a post ‘inspired’ after I’m done seeing it … titled “Random Thoughts: What critical darlings you can’t sing praises of?” Well, I think you get the gist by that title alone. I’d say, see it and make up your own mind if you think it indeed deserve all the praises.

Sounds like I’ve finally got someone on my side

Not really, she has drawn an opinion having SEEN the movie.

ooh harsh.

I’d like to remind you that at the beginning of all my Oscar/Bafta/Globes posts i said that I was basing everything on no facts. 😛

“I was basing everything on no facts” You sound like a Daily Mail reviewer.

I don’t always base tings on no facts, it’s just that (as I have moaned about a lot) I haven’t been to the cinema that much recently, so was forced to base my conclusions on circumstantial evidence.
I’ve been back twice recently though, so m opinions will be back to their entirely well balanced selves.

dont take no guff from Fands, Katierific
the daily mail is a good paper

well…no it isn’t…but appreciate the support 😛

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