“He’s just as brilliant as you are. And infinitely more devious.”

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Before I get too caught up with writing about the BAFTAs tonight I tought I’d do a quick post about a debate I ended up having today so that you can all join in.

As I’ve mentioned, the new Sherlock Holmes franchise already has sequels in the pipeline and rumours are flying in all directions about who is going to play Holmes’ arch-nemesis Moriarty.  Definitely the most prominent suggestion so far is Brad Pitt, who allegedly provided the voice for the anonymous character we have seen so far.

My question to you is this: who would you cast?

The difficulty is that with the new look Holmes we need someone who can fit in with this new action man detective, yet still pull off a believable evil genius that can go up against Downey Jr

After much arguing today, and rattling through actors ranging from Jeremy Irons to Johnny Depp, we eventually came to a split decision. Either Christian Bale or Stuart Townsend.

I could live with Brad Pitt doing it. I am pretty confident he eventually will since the producers are denying it so strenuously.  He’s always a better actor than I expect, and I’m sure he’ll find himself both a believable British accent and some Victorian charm, but I think in a perfect world Moriarty should go to a Brit.  We came up with Christian Bale without realising that we had inadvertently pitted Batman against Iron Man.  I was initially against Bale but the idea of DC and Marvel’s most similar characters coming up against each other in a completely unrelated movie made me smile.

As for Stuart Townsend, that was my suggestion, based mainly on his work in LXG. He just seems to suit that kind of self-assured aristocratic yet pretty handy with a sword if he had to be role.

So who are you voting for?

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11 Responses to ““He’s just as brilliant as you are. And infinitely more devious.””

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Ah such a delicious question! One actor that would be really interesting to watch in the role is Hugh Laurie. Daniel Day Lewis would be awesome too simply because of his intensity on and off camera. I do think Moriarty has to be played by someone slightly older, at the very least mid-forties

Holmes describing Moriarty:

“He is a man of good birth and excellent education, endowed by nature with a phenomenal mathematical faculty. At the age of twenty-one he wrote A Treatise on the Binomial Theorem, which has had a European vogue. On the strength of it he won the mathematical chair at one of our smaller universities, and had, to all appearances, a most brilliant career before him.

But the man had hereditary tendencies of the most diabolical kind. A criminal strain ran in his blood, which, instead of being modified, was increased and rendered infinitely more dangerous by his extraordinary mental powers. Dark rumours gathered round him in the University town, and eventually he was compelled to resign his chair and come down to London…”
—Holmes, “The Final Problem”

wow Katie, are you doing PR for Sherlock Holmes? seems like you really like that movie

Ross: this blog does seem to be swinging tha way a bit doesn’t it? Unintentional I promise, but I did really enjoy it!

Castor: Hugh Laurie would be awesome! I would agree with the older, except that they’ve gone for quite a young Holmes and Watson. Welcome to the debate 🙂

Well I’m no Brad Pitt fan and though he was pretty good in Inglourious Basterds, I still can’t picture him as Moriarty the way Holmes described him. Yeah, with RDJ playing Holmes, they’d want someone younger than Day-Lewis or Laurie, though they both would be awesome.

So, given the three to choose from: Pitt, Bale and Townsend, I’m leaning toward Bale as the guy can do anything, plus Batman vs. Iron Man sounds uber cool, the superhero geek in me would rejoice! 🙂

Ok, just for the sake of ‘debate’, how about Gerard Butler? He can do intense and the guy is obviously smart as he has a law degree from Glasgow University. I think he’s got enough charm to go toe-to-toe against Robert. Now, whether he can pull off a flawless British accent is another matter though.

Ha ha how did I know you would suggest Butler? I can see him doing it…but I think he’s too much of a macho man. That’s why |I liked Townsend, cos he looks more about brains than braun 😛 The again, I wouldn’t have expected to see Holmes bare knuckle boxing and that worked out pretty well

I think they should make a film of Batman vs Iron Man.

Well GB wasn’t always the macho guy, it’s only after ‘300’ that people see him in that light. I mean, I first noticed him as Phantom where he sang, cried, and be all melancholy, so not exactly a ‘macho’ role 🙂 Townsend just doesn’t have much charisma, I mean against RDJ he’d just disappear, poof! Batman vs. Iron Man, bring it on!!

hmm..I saw him in Phantom first too, but that’s kind of a departure from the norm, when you take into account earlier films like Reign of Fire. I’ve kind of come to that conclusion from what I see of him in interviews and highly factual glossy magaxines rather than any of his roles.

I’d argue that Townsend has plenty charisma, but I’m never gonna turn you around on Butler so I wont try 😛

Maybe we should all get together and write a screenplay…

Ha! Reign of Fire, that’s right, but he’s like third wheel after Bale and McCougnahey, and Bale is the macho one in there. Funny, in interviews he actually comes across very goofy more than ‘macho’ and he even says he’s not really that kind of guy in real life. Anyhooo… what role that makes you think Townsend has charisma? I’m not belittling him, it’s an honest question… I’ve seen him as the supposedly-charming Dorian Gray in Leagues of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and I didn’t think he brings that out of the role. I do think he’s good looking though.

Lol I love how vehemently you defend Butler, we’ve possibly moved into a whole different debate here. I would disagree with you on LXG, like I said in my review it’s that which made me think of him.
Did you know he was orignally cast to play Aragorn and even started filming before they changed their mind and re cast. I don’t think he would have been suited to that at all, but I do think he’d make a good Moriarty.

He..he.. I don’t think he needs defending, most guys love being called macho 🙂 Yep, I know about Stuart being initially cast as Aragorn, I mentioned him in my ‘Roles that got away’ post (http://wp.me/pxXPC-ib). I think he was deemed too young for the role. Ok, ok, let’s just say I’m willing to be stand corrected for my opinion on him as Moriarty 🙂

It’s never going to happen anyway….the argument was fun though

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