…and a couple more words on trailers

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We had some good trailers before Holmes that I thought deserved a quick post.

One  was for the new Russel Crowe Robin Hood, which I’m afraid doesn’t thrill me. Looks pretty much like they’re trying to remake Braveheart, and even though this is usually my kind of film I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to see it.

What did interest me was Clash of the Titans.  When I saw it first (before Avatar due to the appearance of Sam Worthington) my first thought was “why hasn’t this film already been made?”  Maybe not ground breaking cinema but it defintely looks like fun.

Also coming soon is Prince of Persia, one more for the vidoe-game-turned-movie category. The jury is still out for me, but it has potential to be good, especially since it’s coming from the Pirates camp.

The other one that caught my eye was Iron Man 2. 🙂


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8 Responses to “…and a couple more words on trailers”

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“What did interest me was Clash of the Titans. When I saw it first (before Avatar due to the appearance of Sam Worthington) my first thought was “why hasn’t this film already been made?””

TITANS WILL CLASH. It has been made before though, this is a remake. Or did I miss a joke?

Well yeah but seeing how many Roman films there are out there you’d think there’d be a hell of a lot more big budget Greek ones. Especially since they’ve got all the good monsters. And yeah it is a remake, so technically it’s already been made, but back in the days of plasticine and stop motion. It’s about time some CGI got in there.

i think the Clash of the Titans trailer is great
who cares if the taglines rubbish

I think they’re all looking pretty good, which is surprising even for me. The sensible side of me shouldn’t be digging Prince of Persia, but I am convinced that one day there will be a good movie based off a video game. One can only hope…

I wish Russell Crowe would stop working with directors who keep remaking “Braveheart.” If I recall, “Gladiator” struck me as a “Braveheart” ripoff too. Except it did have the added bonus of Joaquin Phoenix playing a character whose name sounds like a toilet.

Lol you’ve just made Gladiator so much more interesting. I don’t really rate Russell Crowe so maybe that’s why I never get into his movies.
Aiden: never be ashamed of digging the game movie and Ross is right, Clash of the Titans looks brilliant desite having so many reasons to suck

I like every one of these except for Prince of Persia, that one is practically laughable. I don’t buy Jake as an action hero (Persian or otherwise) for one, and it’s basically a rip-off of The Mummy, which wasn’t all that great, either. Aiden – if there’s one movie from video game I would like to see is Assassin Creed, but then again, Hollywood will likely butcher that one, too.

I know what you mean about Jake as an action hero it just doesn’t seem to fit. It kind of goes along with current criticism for Brothers which says he’s just too lovable to be playing a tough/mean guy role. I don’t know the game at all, and I’m still undecided about the movie, it could be good…

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