Reasons to be cheerful….

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I’ve had quite a lot going on recently, which has been stressful to put it mildly. Plus its been cold and rainy and I haven’t been to the cinema in months. But let’s have some reason’s to be cheerful; the sun’s come back and the trees are all turning into pretty colours, plus there’s some great films on the way which (if I ever make it back to the cinema) will definitely keep me going for a while.

I’ve already written about the awesome Parnassus which comes out next week, and way back in Summer I started getting excited about Up which comes out at the same time.

Following them we have Fantastic Mr Fox, which has an unbelievable voice cast including George Clooney, Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, Meryl Streep, Willem Dafoe, Jason Schwartzman…

It’s looking like the next big hit in the kids-film-not-strictly-aimed-at-kids category and showcases some brilliant stop motion animation that holds up really well against its computerised rivals.  I actually did read the book for this one back in primary school (although I can’t remember much) but its nice to have another airing of a Roald Dahl classic that isn’t all about chocolate. Out on the 23rd.

If you can hang on ’till December then Avatar is out on the 18th.  not to be confused with Avatar: the last airbender, which is a completely different thing with an annoyingly similar name (also looks kinda good by the way).  The premise is sort of hard to explain, so really the best thing to do is watch the trailer.  James Cameron is directing, and the visual effects are clearly going to be stunning. I reckon it’s definitely one to catch on the big screen if you can.

And if you need to have something to look forward to for next year, the full Toy Story 3 trailer is finally out (thanks Saam). Enjoy. I can’t wait.

I’ll try to get the balance back soon so that trailers don’t outnumber reviews, someone take me to the cinema!


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6 Responses to “Reasons to be cheerful….”

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The trailer for “Mr. Fox” has got me all atwitter with excitement — it looks to be as visually attractive and witty as (dare I say it?) “Shrek.” And it’s got everyone from Meryl Streep to Jason Schwartzman involved, so I smell lots and lots of promise…

I couldnt agree with you more about the films you have been looking forward to I feel exactly the same way about them.

I am even more excited about Toy Story now.

We’re stoked for Toy Story 3. June 18th is good and circled on the family calendar!

You think Avatar and Avatar: the last airbender have annoying similar titles. What about Nine and 9. If Nine hadn’t been pushed back they would be in cinemas at the same time. Imagine that.

Customer: “Two tickets for nine please”
Ticket seller: “Sorry, was the N – I – N – E or number 9?”
Customer: “Yes that’s right nine”
Ticket seller: “Which nine?”
Customer: “Nine. Between eight and ten!”
Ticket seller: “The one with a Black Eyed Pea in it?”
Customer: “No the one with man who looks like a sock played by the hobbit”
Ticket seller: “Oh you mean 9”
Customer: “That’s what I said nine”

Could have been a problem!

I’m not rally into animation but Fantastic Mr Fox does look good.

Oh yeah Nine and 9 are just plain silly. I do like you’re mini dramatisation.


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