I’m Ba-ack!

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Hi everyone!

Sorry for the absence, I’ve been on holiday, but since I’ve been gone my hits have continued to sky rocket so thanks to everyone who’s dropped by or left a comment. 🙂

Anyhoo, down to business…

There’s some great films coming out in the not to distant future, including Tim Burton’s  9 which I’ve written about before.

Releasing on the same day (09.09.09) we have Dorian Gray.  This one intrigues me as its one of the few books I’ve actually read (and loved!)  As far as I know his only big screen incarnation to date is Stuart Townsend in LXG.  Good fun but about as far removed from the book as you can get.  Gray is a great character so there’s potential for a really good movie here, even if the do stray from the book.  Interestingly, depite Wilde’s description of him as blonde and blue, the new film, like LXG has gone for a darker look.  Gotta say that’s always how I pictured him.

Trailer looks good.  Maybe Colin firth can redeem himself for Mamma Mia.

Also on my to see list for September is Gamer, starring Michael C. “Dexter” Hall and Gerrard Butler.  He’s getting an increasingly slimy reputation since he hit the big time, but I caught the trailer before Public Enemies and it looks like it could be good.  Lots of guns and explosions will always draw me in.

And finally….Surrogates.  Kind of a similar idea to Gamer with a little bit of The Matrix thrown in for good luck, it stars Bruce Willis sporting what is possibly the most unconvincing wig in movie history (luckily not for long).  “Based on the Graphic Novel” is always a sure fire way to pull in the crowds, and Bruce is usually worth the money so while the futuristic nightmare format might be getting a little tired now, Surrogates is likely to get me into the cinema.

So that’s September sorted. Good thing I’m not going back to uni….

Oooh and don’t forget Cloudy with a Chance of Meatlballs.  It looks like fun to me.  And coming up in October (and likely to get its own post nearer the time) is Shutter Island.  Leo DiCaprio in a new psych-ward thriller. The trailer looks wicked.

Nice to be back everyone.


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19 Responses to “I’m Ba-ack!”

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I really want to see Dorian Gray..I did it for my Gold Speech and Drama 🙂

Lol I still find it funny that you did “Gold Speech and Drama” So private school 😛
Wicked book. Hopefully a good film

Shane Acker is going to be pissed you’re giving all the credit to Tim Burton when he directed and was a co-writer. ‘9’ looks pretty ace though.

Not that interested in the films you’ve listed (possibly Surrogates, the b-movie version of Avatar) but I’m really looking forward to District 9, 500 Days Of Summer, Away We Go and maybe Adventureland in September. Particularly the first two.

Yeah I know. But that film has Burton stamped all over it. I thought somewhere I’d written that he wasn’t directing….

I can’t decide if District 9 looks good or not. Peter Jackson is on board which is a good sign, but the trailers don’t move me yet. Hoping to be proved wrong.
500 days of Summer looks alright but I’m not rushing out to see it.
Shamefully I haven’t heard of the other two!

I think 9 is influenced by Burton hugely but I wouldn’t give him much credit for the feature film – looking at the short that 9’s derived from (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IQcMeNh7Hc), you can see that its aesthetic was present well before Burton made his appearance.

District 9’s concept is brilliant. I love the idea of exploring alien “invasion” from an apartheid perspective. Once again, looking at Blomkamp’s amazing short (http://www.spyfilms.com/#neill_blomkamp/alive_in_joburg), I’ll play down Peter Jackson’s role in the film as largely moral support.

The other two are just indie films, although directed by Sam Mendes and Greg Mottola so are in good hands. The trailer for Away We Go is probably one of the best I’ve ever seen – http://keephopeinside.blogspot.com/2009/05/away-we-go-alexi-murdoch.html

The link isn’t working but I’ll accept your authority and take back all credit to Msr. Burton.

I should be more excited about District 9 than I am because you’re right it is a great idea. The “leaked” internet campaign was pretty cool too. Maybe I’m changing my mind…The short is cool thanks for the link.

And thanks for bringing Away We Go t my attention. It looks cute, the trailer managed to get a few giggles out of me. hereby appoint you Indie-film consultant. 😉

I can’t wait for “Dorian Gray.” I’m a tried-and-true Oscar Wilde fan, and Ruth over at http://flixchatter.wordpress.com/ tells me Ben Barnes is one to watch. This one is a must-see for me.

Gamer looks crass, mindless, stupid, dumb and absolutely pointless. which is why i for one will see it. maybe wait for dvd though…
dorian gray has a great poster, really looks good on the side of buses. good to have you back Katie

he he exactly it looks like brilliant trash. probably on board with waiting for the DVD. altho big screen explosions are always good.

I was in London today and say a lot of Dorian buses. Very true.
Thanks good to be back

London… city of crap movies being advertised on buses…

Don’t diss my city! And who says Dorian Gray is going to be crap?

Hi Katie, I’m Ruth over at Flixchatter. Thanks Meredith for mentioning my blog, but it’s actually fellow Brit Henry Cavill that I mention as ‘one to watch,’ but Ben Barnes belongs in that category, too. He’s very watch-able in the Narnia movie and Stardust, and I’m definitely gonna check him out in Dorian. As soon as I saw the trailer, I went and researched about it (not much of a Wilde fan). Fascinating and timeless morality tale, hope it translates well to the big screen.

I’m way more excited about that movie than GAMER, and I’m a Gerard Butler fan! Law Abiding Citizen seems more promising.

Hey Ruth!

Oh is it him in Stardust?! Can’t believe I didn’t notice that! It is a really good book, but of a tough read but worht it so I’m hoping it translates too.
I think I’m more excited about Gamer but I am a bit of a action junkie. Also I’m a bit worried that with the current Twilight obsession (ugh) Dorian might get lumped into the same category…

Hi Katie, Barnes played the younger Dunstan (Tristan’s father). He wasn’t there for very long but I definitely noticed him, he’s better than the lead actor IHMO.

I like a bit of action too, but the early reviews for GAMERS are terrible and somehow my gut tells me it’s baaad. I felt the same way for The Ugly Truth and it barely got 20% on Rotten Tomatoes, sheesh. I still might check it out on DVD though. Law Abiding Citizen on the other hand, looks pretty good: http://tinyurl.com/p5to5b – plenty of explosions on that one, too =)

Oh geez, Dorian Gray is no Twilight… I sincerely hope people can tell the difference between a classic and popcorn stuff.

Well spotted!

Really? hmmm well I reckon it looks ok. I mean, we’re not talking oscars but I’m a sucker for some cool fight sequences.

WOW Law Abiding Citizen looks awesome thanks for posting!

I know, but I can just see the advertising trying to tap inbto that market and pitching it that way. I hope I’m wrong.

Hi Katie? So, did you end up seeing GAMER?? If so, what do you think?

Hey, I haven;t seen it yet, I’ve bene crazy busy with work and my graduation yesterday but I’m hoping to get round to it eventually….just not exactly sure when. Still reckon it looks awesome.

Drop me a line once you do, ok? I’m curiously awaiting Law Abiding Citizen. That one should be good.

Hey congrats on your graduation, how exciting! So you live in London I take it? I’m hoping to visit with my hubby next year… I only went there once when I was 13.

Will do. If i ever make it out of work/application hell long enough to get to a cinema. Got a lot on at the moment hence terribly neglected blog :S

Thanks, I did, but I’m back home for thsi year and hopefully moving back next year. I absolutely love the city…I still have to get up there once a week to keep away the withdrawal.

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