Donnie Darko 2. No, seriously.

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In all the world of “why?” this has to be a winner.

Definitely making the top 5 of films that neither lend themselves to a sequel nor should one ever be attempted is the fantastic Donnie Darko.  8 years later someone somewhere  thought defiling a classic to make some money was a good idea, coming up with the clunkily titled S.Darko (after completely forgettable little sis Samantha).  But the original is such an underground hit, is there even  money to squeeze?

The trailer suggests that they’re aiming to make a new teen thriller,  which is right at the other end of the scale to what the original is aiming for. *sigh* When will they learn?

Please don’t let the tackiness of this put you off seeing the awesome Donnie Darko.

P.S. I promise that soon a post is coming about trailers I’ve seen that don’t make me want to cry.


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6 Responses to “Donnie Darko 2. No, seriously.”

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I’m way ahead of you on this one. I posted this back in April:
As sad as it sounds I have it on my Love Film list. I know it will be utter rubbish but am still curious enough to see it.

“Love film list”? The movie is actually not bad. Compared to the first, though, is another story. The first film, in my opinion, had to be viewed several times to understand many of the ideologies of the writers, thus, making one believe or think that there were many layers to the plot or story. The second, however, is more obvious the first time around. I say this because after viewing the original, the second seems to follow suit in its hidden meanings and plots. To a newcomer of the franchise “S. Darko” may be mysterious and abstruse, requiring the viewer to watch several times to see hidden meanings, but to a versed “Donnie Darko” fan…well…it’s quite obvious. None the less, the film is worth a viewing.

Love Film is a UK online DVD rental company like Netflix in America. Maybe I will move it up to a higher priority and see it sooner!

I dunno Katie – like everyone, I enjoy making fun of needless sequels I havent seen yet (American Psycho 2? Lost Boys 2? Miss Congeniality 2, anyone?) but I still think a film shouldnt be slagged off before its viewed.
as Fandango suggests, loads of people will watch this for curiousity factor and it will probably do a good trade on dvd. i have to say, the trailer really isnt that bad and the fact that the lead actress is reprising her role from the original at least indicates some continuity. And any film with the kid from One Tree Hill cant be bad… (okay, in fairness, that was a sentence too far)
I think though in the pile of pointless sequels/remakes that deserve scorn, this is pretty far down the list

I’m not necessarily slagging it off, I just don’t see why they thought they should make it, or how in any way you can pick up the storyline. But I take your point I should wait and see.

I was impressed when I found out it was the same actress, and maybe the film wont be terrible, but if it does a Matrix Reloaded and tarnishes the original with a poor (by comparison) follow on then that will be a real shame.

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