It’s finally here!

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I first heard about this film 3 years ago when there were rumours of two X Men prequels, one following the back story of Magneto, and one about Wolverine.  As a big fan of the films, I was hugely excited that The Last Stand was as much the end as a Stones farewell tour and even happier when I heard the Wolverine film was coming first.

X Men Origins:Wolverine opens in the UK today and I cannot wait to see it.  I’ve managed to resist the leaked version that’s been circulating on the internet, which took some restraint, but I’m really hoping it’s gonna be worth the wait.  I’m taking my sister to Leicester Sq next weekend for her birthday (she was the one who heard about it first) and I’ll be posting as soon as I’m back.  Until then, I’ll make do with the trailer….

PS. There’s been no more word on a Magneto film and the idea may have been shelved, but there is talk of a movie focusing on Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool who turns up for the first time in Wolverine.

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RT:@keephopeinside @kferin the next x-men film (X-Men First Class) entering production is about “da kidz” at Xavier’s school, Cyclops and pals.

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